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  Regenerated Cloth Carbon Refill #16157

Regenerated Cloth Carbon Refill  Regenerable,washable Carbon Refill. Notice it is not only washable, but carbon is actually regenerated after applying heat. This refill has been selected to remove sulphur compounds which is the host olfactory odor detected when a flatulence outburst occurs. The GasMedic odor control filter seat cushion actually absorbs more than 99% of the odor emitted by most end users. This is the result of odor control carbon filter that has the equivalent surface area to that of five football fields.

Wash by hand, air-dry and apply heat for approx. 7 minutes to regenerate the carbon cloth.

Replacement Chart
# of GasMedic Filters
Black Classic cushions
Ultra II cushions
Elite cushions*
*Note: Elite cushions also use 1 GasMedic Carbon Filter.

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